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Multiplex Razor Tower Picture

A description of Multiplex Razor Tower known as the Strata Tower as shown in picture above! A new 43 storeys tower block 147.9 meters high situated in Elephant and Castle was completed a year ago in April 2010. The multiplex razor tower is now the tallest building in London towering over all other skyscrapers in the capital! An unsightly building that is known as the Strata tower but has been nicknamed the "electric razor!" The outward design and colour scheme of the Strata multiplex tower makes it a rather unusual sight for sore eyes described as silvery grey and flame finished granite paving, granite planters, granite kerbs and concrete with three integrated wind turbines installed in the roof in the centre, said to meet only 8% energy building's requirements! This multiplex building is rather badly designed! At the present time the Strata Tower is the tallest building in London until the completion of the Shard Tower at London Bridge!


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